Outfit Analysis: Pink for All Occasions

Outfit Analysis: Pink for All Occasions

Hey everyone! Marina here-  Week One of the Winter Equestrian Festival is over, and Fab Finds is off to a great start for the season.  My posts for the week featured pretty pink products from the store in honor of Battle of the Sexes.  Battle of the Sexes was the featured Saturday Night Lights class at the horse show, where a team of ten male and ten female riders competed against each other in order to figure out if the girls or boys were better riders.  The women came out on top for the eighth time.  Great job, girls!

My favorite Featured Outfit for the week included five different pieces from Fab Finds by Sarah.  I’m going to discuss each one, as well as its function and how I think it could be worn in and out of the horse show scene. Starting from the bottom and moving up, the Andover loafer is possibly the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.  I love loafers and own quite a few, but this pair takes the cake.  It is adorned with a horse-bit, which makes it suitable for equestrian occasions.  However, it is classy enough to be worn around town as well.  I love to wear loafers with my boots and breeches when I’m done riding, and these are comfortable enough for long days at the horse show or long walks around Palm Beach.

In this picture, I’m wearing toothpick jeans from JCrew.  The top is a brand new shirt that Sarah just started to carry, and I’m obsessed.  It comes in many colors, but this silver-grey one is so beautiful and it’s neutral enough to match many other colors. The material is light and silky and very comfortable to wear throughout the day.  The cashmere wrap is amazing, and I literally want to keep myself wrapped in it all day and night.  It is extremely soft, and like the shirt, comes in other colors as well.  The pink really makes the whole outfit pop, while the grey softens the outfit for a nice daytime or evening look.  I would wear the cashmere for just about every location.  Once you put it on, you don’t want to take it off.

The next items of focus are the accessories. If you’re like me and never charge your phone at night, Sarah’s handbags with built in phone chargers are a must.  I’m utilizing the wristlet in this photo, which is quite roomy inside.  The built in charger aspect is key because it is functional everywhere you go.  The horse show, the Saturday night class, a concert, the beach.  You name it, and you will find use for these bags.  Finally, for jewelry, I am wearing a Catherine Canino Leather Lasso Silver and Black Necklace. This necklace is beautiful and classy. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and the horse bit alludes to your horse-y obsession.

Thanks for stopping by! Come check out the store on Hunter Hill, and have a happy Week 2 at the Winter Equestrian Festival!


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