Product Spotlight: Cruciani Bracelets featuring Heidi Horowitz

Hi, I’m brand ambassador Heidi Horowitz. Today, I will be writing my first blog post for Fab Finds By Sarah. My personal favorite product from this chic company is the four-leaf clover bracelet. I wear these bracelets in the styles Cruciana and Lurex. I have the colors Amber and Anthracite Grey, one of which is crowned with Swarovski crystals. These bracelets are my go to accessory for any occasion. I can dress up my outfit with the studded Cruciana bracelet, dress casually with my Lurex bracelet or wear a combination of the two. These bracelets are perfect because there is a wide variety of colors and designs for every unique personality. The four-leaf clover bracelet is a new popular trend that women of all ages have been wearing. Be sure to purchase your own bracelet online or at your next show!

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